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Compromise Agreements

Thompsons can provide union officials with all the advice they need in reaching compromise agreements between members and their employers. Once your member has expressed an interest in a compromise agreement and a proposed agreement has been drawn up, you can trust solicitors in Thompsons' Employment Rights Team to use their years of expertise to look after your member's best interests.

Referring a compromise agreement to Thompsons must be done through the union's existing referral system. If in doubt contact the union head office, regional office or legal officer for advice about referring an agreement.

Legal fees

Unions should ask the employer to pay these. The employer will pay circa £350 plus VAT in respect of a compromise agreement.


Employers should cover the cost for advice on a compromise agreement. If a payment has been agreed then the member should simply complete the form and return it together with the relevant documents (see questionnaire 53KB) and a copy of the proposed compromise agreement by post, fax or e-mail to the nearest Thompsons office.

If you are a union member seeking a compromise agreement, but your employer is refusing to pay a fee, then you should not refer the matter to us but contact your trade union.

Our service

Thompsons' Employment Rights lawyers will contact you and your member within 24 hours to confirm receipt of the relevant documents. We will then advise your member within 48 hours about what signing the agreement will mean to them. If they want to sign the agreement we will arrange for this and for copies of it to be sent to your member and their employer.

If you have any queries in relation to the service please contact any member of the Employment Rights team in your nearest Thompsons office (see Our UK Offices for details of Thompsons offices).

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